Gamers Are Sexy

We all know why you play online games: you want to get laid. No pickup line works quite the way “my Shaman has his epic mount” does. I sometimes lie and claim to have a level 60 Priest so I can meet women in bars. It’s true: everyone is looking for high level Priests.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Gamers Are Sexy”

  1. If you tell them that you have a lot of epic gear, it’s like a short cut to the bedroom…

  2. I actually ‘met’ a couple from manchester. They’d met on WoW, and got together having left their respective spouses in order to do so. She’d met her previous husband playing counterstrike, he’d met his previous wife playing Diablo.

    I’d been instancing with them for a couple of weeks having first bumped into her, and subsequently she introduced me to her friend.

    When the story finally came out I laughed politely and made lots of ‘gosh, would you fathom it’ type noises. We finished up, said our goodbyes and they went STRAIGHT ON MY IGNORE list.

    Couldn’t help feeling there was something of the car keys in the dish apporaching. Ohh no.

  3. I’ve got a lvl 60 warrior with Quel and 4/8 Wrath. I’ll tank you all night long, baby.


    It’s a damn good thing my primary partner raids with me and is eager to get her Dragonstalker.

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