I Wear Plexiglass

kol[Kingdom of Loathing] Last week, I finished my sixth hardcore oxygenarian ascension in the Kingdom of Loathing, completing my set of plexiglass items. At the end of the next run, I was finally able to put them all on. As a great actor once said, “Whoa.” I look forward to indulging in plexiglass garb fully once I finish my complete set of 102 hardcore ascensions, probably sometime in 2008. 2008?!

: Zubon


2 thoughts on “I Wear Plexiglass”

  1. Congratz…still on my second hardcore oxy myself. Only another 2-3 months to go to finish all of them. :) Not sure why I really need the plexi stuff, but at least oxy keeps me from playing too much.

  2. I have a multi in HCoxy, but I think that’s as much as my sanity will allow. I’d probably go completely bonkers if I tried to do that with my main.

    Extreme congratulations on your noble feat.

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