Solo Priest is Sad Priest

wow[World of Warcraft] When I last left my guildmates, the group I was in continued to play together that night and it appears they got to level 9. I logged out at level 6.

Therefore, I’ve been playing a little catch up by fighting solo. I managed to get to level 8 over the past few days, but it is not fun by myself. I really prefer a group. I have a few quests that I can’t solo. I wish WoW had the LFG tool that DDO has. It is pretty sweet really. You go into your quest panel and find a quest you want to do. In that panel is a looking for group toggle. Basically it tries to find a group that wants to do the same quest you do. WoW could really use this. Instead you need to spam the chat channels or stand around near the quest area and hope someone comes along.

Level 8 and no PvP combat yet. Although a high level gnome was following me around for a while.

– Ethic

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15 thoughts on “Solo Priest is Sad Priest”

  1. Once I made macros that would target myself then fire off my biggest heal my lowbie priest was a much better soloer. Soon you will get a HoT that you can alternate with your bubble. You can use the HoT to start the fight, then hit the bubble when you want to fire off the big heal without being interrupted.

    In between heals you simply DoT them and either wand them or beat them down with your staff. You kill slower than a mage, but your ready for a pull as soon as you can loot your last victim, so it’s actually more fun.

  2. They removed the meeting stones outside instances and the LFG channel? Not been in WoW for a while… just curious.

  3. I’m not referring to instances, so meeting stones are of no help. The DDO solution is so much nicer than a LFG channel, it should be the standard from now on.

  4. The global LFG channel isn’t a lot of help anymore either, it seems. People turned it off when it went global, and now getting a group to an instance is a challenge.

    Your comments about solo priest woes are common enough though. I said it was a boring, unfun life =)

  5. NBarnes thank you! I have a 58 priest on Silvermoon and I have been using Alt cast. This will make all the difference with him again!

    Ethic, what server are you on again? I’ll reread past posts to find out. If you ever feel up to it, Lightninghoof can always use more horde.


  6. It’s Dragonmaw. Personally I’m sick of the horde and would love to try the alliance past level 15.

  7. The LFG channel has become such a farce that Blizzard actually has a MOTD asking ppl not to conduct general chat in that channel. Of course, this causes the exact opposite to happen. As for soloing your priest, I think I solo’d everything without incident until you have to do the Remains quests over by the Murlocs – nasty bunch of gangbangers that they are. :-) Also consider going Shadow until you hit upper 50s or wait as many do until your 60. Your wand and bubble are your best friend.

  8. This is something I wanted to mod in almost right out of beta. Unfortunately I don’t know a lick of coding so I couldn’t solo the project. Was going to do it with a guildie, but he decided to do another project (MobInfo) to learn it first.

    Basically the UI mod would do the following. It would connect to a chat channel that broadcasts to other players using the mod. It would have a few functions.

    1. LFG – Level, quest, instance… all sorts of flags.
    2. Contracts – Want something crafted? Want to buy something? Need help and willing to pay? You could post a short note in here and people could browse contracts of all players online at the time.

    Surprised someone hasn’t created one yet. Look at CTRaidAssist. It’s now part of the UI. A good UI addon like this could of really taken off and become popular enough for Blizzard to incorporate it.

  9. Sick of Horde…Wha? That’s just crazy talk!

    Don’t worry, tomorrow night we’ll get you caught up with everyone else! You should NEVER worry about falling behind us – we’re such slackers, there’s certainly no rush in any of the levelling we do.

    But hey, once Dr Sexy gets on board, we’ll be creating alts in Alliance so he can play a dorf. Even MORE rerolling fun, yaay!

  10. I’m caught up already, well just shy of level 9. Wand + bubble = pwn.

  11. It’s actually quite shameful that Blizzard didn’t create a LFG function from the beginning. It’s even WORSE they haven’t added one since release. This is one of the biggest Blizzard WTF’s? I think of (besides not doing a Diablo 3 before now, lol). LFG is a fundemental function of MMO’s since the last generation, and it boggles the mind why they haven’t coded this.

    As for an Add-on for LFG, I believe there is one out there (I used one before), but I can’t recall the name, or if it’s still maintained. I vaguely remember it was part of a whole package…and it did use a shared chat channel to pass info. Problem was I never saw more then 5-6 entries at any given time.

    Anyway…6 million subscribers, and no LFG function. It’s almost criminal.

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