I Finally Bought Civilization IV

Optional things like MMOs, sleep, and standing up have gone out the window. My wife has not decided to leave me yet, which is promising. We will see how long that holds up. When you are spending more than a thousand years under continuous attacks from the Aztecs and Emperor Hirohito, you start worrying more about Louis XIV’s cavalry than, say, dinner.

I can quit any time I want. *twitch*

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “I Finally Bought Civilization IV”

  1. You know, I had just started calling myself a “gaming widow” this morning . . .
    Love, Ang (aka Zubon’s wife)

  2. Personally, I think geeks make pretty good husbands. We tend to make decent money and we don’t generally hang out in the bars – prefer to be in the basement going pew pew pew.

  3. Civ II hold a special place in my heart for being the first turn based strategy game I ever played – and play it I did. I have fond memories of staying up well into the morning with my dad building huge armies of fanatics taking over the world.

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