Shielding Kids from Violent Video Games

Hillary vs Gamers Believed to be a first, a Senator has used her promotion of video game censorship in a television ad explaining why she should be re-elected. This will allow the junior Senator from New York to rejoin her colleagues in their efforts to tax virtual transactions.

: Zubon

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3 thoughts on “Shielding Kids from Violent Video Games”

  1. All the more reason to pressure your elected officials to pass the Fair Tax Act. Get rid of the IRS and move to a consumption tax.

    What’s next, taxing your dreams and thoughts?

  2. Whats next? Not to sound paranoid, but it just might be a virtual IRS. Picture popups that say you owe x amount of dollars for your virtual transactions. Question is, how they prove it was you that did the transaction? If someone hacks my WOW account and sells my character will I get the bill?
    On a side note, this has got to be the most pathetic ticket in history. If the strongest reason to vote for a candidate is that they are tough on video games, I think that is a bold reason to not vote for them as I am sure there are more pressing issues that need attention.

  3. Well, remember that EULAs make everything you own in those games effectively property of the company running it. So, any inter-game transactions would only be taxable to the companies involved, and intra-game transactions do not involve a transfer of ownership of any sort and, therefore, cannot be taxed.

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