Are Tanks Really Necessary?


Without them, the fish just flop around on the floor, and that’s cruel.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Are Tanks Really Necessary?”

  1. lol, good one Zubon! As I read the title I was starting to form my argument as to their usefulness and all, then read the rest of your post. And had one of those big fat laugh.

    The guy in the cubicle next to me was a bit surprised. T’was a bit early in the day.

    Thanx for the good laugh!

  2. I saw that on the CoH forums a while back (or something similar involving tanks and fish), and it’s unfortunately definitely true for CoH. The tanker was the worst mistake they made in the creation of that game, and it’s never found its place. And I say this as someone whose only level 50 character is a tank.

  3. Speaking as someone who’s got two 40+ tanks (fire/energy and stone/ice), uh, I’ve found my place just fine.

    I’m the person everyone shoots at. In smaller groups I can also provide damage. My stoner has given up the crazy mad damage of fire/energy in favor of soft control (slows, knockdowns) with the occasional bit of hard control (fossilize, freezing touch, salt crystals – don’t laugh, it lasts for like half a minute unattended and shuts down nasty toggles even if something takes a shot half a second later) and that works well in its own way – though in small groups I leave Granite off and light tank in the lesser armors, also sparing most of the pure control powers.


  4. Tanks are needed. They are the only toys my son has that get both the “RRrrrrrrrrrRRrRRrrr” driving sound and the “KAPOW!” explosion sound when he plays soldiers…

  5. Tanks are definitely needed, though I’ve been toying with the design idea of removing both career healers and simple aggro-management in favour of a more armor/evasion/environment-heavy defense system and tactical intelligence (balancing threat with opportunity). In that case the tank would be more of a stalwart barrier than a beacon.

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