CoX Holiday Event: Trick or Treat

coh[City of Heroes] The Platonic ideal of the grind has nearly been perfected: once a minute, you click on a door; enemies run out; you beat them up; repeat until you get a badge.

Trick or treating is cute, with some nice little rewards, and it is fun … for a while. I respect the direct implementation of “push the button to get a pellet.”

Badges are awarded for defeating enough monsters, probably a couple ours of farming on a dedicated team. Click, werewolf, whap, 14 to go. Click, 3 zombies, whap whap whap, 47 to go. There are six types of recycled monster models, five of which give badges for enough farming.

You can also get a new costume slot from the doors, if you get the four new “Treat” salvage. If you get the badges, you will get several sets, so get the badges on a few characters and you can get a bonus costume slot on the rest. The idea of a Hamidon costume is cute, even if it is just an icon.

Finally, there are two Giant Monsters on random spawn in every zone. Eochai returns, and Jack of Irons is a rare spawn on tour from Croatoa. Same Jack, still rare, but with a new badge for the event. They both spawn with bad faeries, who have their own badge (7 fae/spawn, 20 for the badge, so three Giant Monsters’ worth if you get them all, more if you are competing with other teams).

So there are two new badges, eight if you missed the previous Halloween event. The Hamidon/Winter Lord lag and performance issues are just a bonus from having extra people logging on and spawning hundreds of extra monsters in city zones while continually patrolling for Giant Monsters.

: Zubon

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  1. Ive been ToTing (I love that and pronounce it tOOting) a little, no badges as yet. I took a year off of CoX and somehow lost my addiction to badge whoring. Meh

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