How to Level Quickly in City of Villains

cov[City of Villains] My SG discovered the three key elements:

  • Play on a team with competent, complementary players
  • Use AE debuffs and damage
  • Have a reckless disregard for your own survival

Yes, it’s just that easy. Get huge masses of enemies, debilitate them, and hit as many of them as you can at once. Keep doing that until one side or the other stops moving.

We have been running a lot of mayhem missions lately on Corruptor-heavy teams. Tired of being sane, we have been intentionally triggering every ambush we can, finding a choke point, and continuously subjecting it to artillery fire as dozens of enemies flood after us. It works about 95% of the time, and the game has a small death penalty, so we keep going.

I have been leveling rather quickly these past few days while hanging out with our devoted Insane Mayhem Mission team. We root for Hero-class enemies to spawn so that they will last more than ten seconds. We actually boo the lesser NPC heroes on TeamSpeak.

Actually, I might call it ridiculously quick leveling. We can burn through things faster than I am comfortable with, zipping through content that I swear I will go back and savor someday. “Wait, I need to do some badge-whoring!” Team converges, badges pop, we resume the treadmill at a sprint.

This is not a grind: it is an endless banquet. Maybe it will pall after a while, but those massive choke point combats are not getting old, even after running three or four mayhem missions in an hour. After so many games where you fight one thing at a time, it is stellar to see massive piles of enemies. Any serious mistake or streak of bad luck will kill us all (again).

For those of you who remember a few issues back, this is like hunting self-herding wolves. Who knew that acting stupid is the same thing as playing smart?

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “How to Level Quickly in City of Villains”

  1. Enjoy being “super” while it lasts, cos as soon as Statesman realises you are having fun being a super being, out will come the nerf bat.

    *whiney dev voice* You’re only supposed to be able to kill 3 minions at all levels!!!

  2. Bah. If that’s the case, why did they come out with the Soloist.. erm… Mastermind? That’s what I played through 40, and that’s pretty much how it works. Ignored all my primaries but the summon and minion buff powers, and dumped everything into dark miasma. AoE heal, AoE fear, AoE slow, AoE rez, AoE stealth, single-target hold, massive to-hit debuffs to everything in sight, and a source of constant damage that cost no endurance to maintain… It was like playing a multiclassed WoW Warlock/Paladin.

    At some point I fell in with some sources of damage and we found bigger missions, and everything fell in moments. The bottleneck/herding strategy does work really quite well.

  3. Okay, haven’t tried bottlenecking, but I had realised that my Mastermind and his minions were pretty much bombproof when I was tearing through levels over the Halloween week.

    :) Reminds me of getting krayt dragons stuck on houses and harvesters in SWG then running out to range and spamming headshot into them till they cried… /cackle

  4. Depends on your setup. I’ve got ninjas (caltrops) and the tar patch available, so I can keep them soft controlled to a high degree. Force fields, for example, wouldn’t work so well.

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