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coh[City of Heroes] I have been editing some things on the Paragon Wiki recently (because I am a nerd). It is a useful guide to City of Heroes and Villains, although I am still supplementing it with Vidiot Maps at present.

My favorite thing on the wiki so far is the page of City of Villains accolade badges. These are the ones that give you powers, and the page is a convenient guide to which powers there are, which badges get you there, and what you need to get those badges. I now have a text file for each of my main villains, where badges get deleted as I get closer to having my accolades. If you have not looked at your accolade needs, it can be nice to realize that you can get a permanent +5% endurance for reading a plaque (given what you did without trying).

I liked it so much, I made another for City of Heroes. More text file checklists may be in my future (because I am a nerd). I now have another thing to keep me occupied while waiting for people to get ready for missions.

: Zubon

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