Definition of “Too Much Spare Time”

I’ve been putting in 60+ hour weeks lately, so playing and/or posting has been on an as-needed basis, but apparently I’m completely missed the boat on this PS3 thing. I say this since I swung by the local Wal-Mart on the way home for some supplies to find people on their beds on the sidewalk. Yes, on their beds. I didn’t get any pictures, but I’m considering swinging by before work tomorrow. I had to ask someone inside what the fuss was (I thought they were panhandlers). Funny thing is there was a good 40+ people outside, and the place expects to get 10, at most, with 0 a more likely quantity.

Even when I was single, sleeping outside of a store for days waiting for a gaming system never made my list of stuff to do. Going to assume that’s a good thing. Looking for your PS3 camping/camper stories!

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  1. I’m with you on that 60 hour work week thing. Kills gaming time. I feel like I can’t play anything lately.

    We had another limited edition thing go on sale here, so there was a double line. PS3 on one side of the door, the other people on the opposite side. Some people are nuts.

    I once waited in line for tickets to see Van Halen (decades ago) but that was more of a party anyway. PS3? My PS2 hardly gets played, why would I want a more expensive version? No thanks.

  2. Yeah..Ive been in Korea for business for 2 weeks, (Im goin home tomorrow..wo0t!), anyway 14+ hour days then a 2 hour commute by bus to the hotel has killed games for this 2 weeks, I am feinding so badly! I thought I was gonna get some really good EvE playing in while I was here, but down time was right 8-9pm here… Blowz cuz it was right when I wanted to start playing. And as far as the PS3, my problem is I love PC games on the web wayy too much to jump back to consoles, Ill wait and see if something cool comes out for any of the new consoles that makes me want to shell out the cash to play :) (Ill take a mouse and keyboard or a joypad any day!) :)

  3. Damion has been doing a fair job of explaining why I don’t intend to purchase the PS3. Now the Wii on the other hand… thankfully supplies are much greater so any camping will likely not be much more than a few hours on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

  4. A friend of mine in tucson works at target, and she said they were getting 6 ps3’s. She also said the line outside was 200 strong. Yikes.

  5. Console games have a certain allure. However, since ’96, they have failed to pull me away from PC titles. And now, we have PS3… and looking at the sticker price, I’m thinking PC was the smart move. Considering the fact that the PS3 and the Nin Wii are running for about the same price (and more in some cases) as a low-end PC… hell, why would I get one? If I can buy a box that will play the games I want, as well as let me surf, and do the business crap I seem saddled with… well, you see my point.

    Thinking the console makers have over reached their grasp on this one, and I fear it may bite them both in the ass come econimics pay-up time.

    Besides… they aint serious until they release solitaire and minesweeper for the PS3… heh.

  6. Last-gen I got a version 1 PS2 (known for their spotty performance and poor disc recognition) shortly after launch, with terrible games like Orphen and Eternal Ring. This time around, I’m going to wait a minimum of 18 months from the release of whichever console I decide I want, to let the dust settle. By that point, there’ll actually be a shortlist of games really worth playing, some of which may be selling under “greatest hits” releases, I can compare performance and the genre spectrum and choose the console for me, and hardware problems will have been worked out. I refuse to buy two systems at those prices. I could make my PC godlike again with the prices we’re quoted at the moment. Also, the prices will have fallen somewhat. Besides, there are too many games worth playing right now to spend days camping outside EB.

  7. The Wii is expected to be $250, which is way more reasonable than the PS3 at $500 (if you are lucky). I’m still happy with the GameCube, so I don’t see me buying any game hardware soon other than maybe a DS Lite. PC is my gaming machine.

    Locally we had a store with 4 PS3’s and a large line. They at least had the decency to come outside and send everyone but the first 12 people home. The first 4 went home with PS3s, the next 8 got vouchers for the next 8 they get in stock. Stories of Sony and stores screwing over the customer abound I hear.

    I am glad I can easily ignore the hype and let other people pay $3000 for a PS3 on eBay. People are broken.

  8. Rofl. Yeah that always cracks me up. I saw it for PS2 and I see it for PS3 everytime I drive by the local Walmart. If it is someone who just can’t wait until Feb then I pity them for their lack of patience. But if it is someone who is going to buy the PS3 for 600.00 and then resell it on Ebay for 1000.00 then I say go for it!

    I was working at a video store when the PS2 was released, and we had so many people permanently rent- /cough theif!- the PS2 that we had to up the required deposit to 600.00 just to keep the machines coming back. Even then, we had people come in with smiles on their faces to pay their 60 dollar late fee. Crazy what some people will spend just to get a new product.

  9. I got a call to show up to work even earlier, so no pictures. I’m expecting those people went home unhappy though. Are there even any ps3 games released yet? Why buy a system you can’t even use…

    And Jezebeau makes a very good point we discussed on a break here at work – no one who deals with technology makes a point of getting first generation anything, unless you are a beta tester for a living or similar. The first revision of most software and hardware is inevitably bug-ridden, even if it was designed to be great. More often so if it’s expected to be widely used. More users mean more eyes to find more bugs. That’s just the way things work.

    Well, my 15 min lunch is over…back to work!

  10. If only what you said applied to MMORPG players, Oz. Then we’d have something.

    The first release of most MMORPGs are inevitably bug-ridden, even if it was designed to be great. More often so if it’s expected to be widely used. More users mean more eyes to find more bugs.

  11. “Are there even any ps3 games released yet? ”

    Yes there are, but nothing thats been deemed great or a system seller (ala Halo for the original Xbox or Gears of War for the 360). The closest to come to it would be Resistance Fall of Man.

    As for me no way in hell am I paying 600 for a console. And that $500 version is a rip off, it isn’t like the 360’s core system (which really only has a smaller HD than the premium) it is actually missing features that the $600 version has PLUS a smaller HD /shrug


    Oh and to top it all off…there has been atleast one shooting and numerous muggings due to the release of the PS3 (dumbasses running around with $600 in their pockets=easy picking for the less scrupelous)

  12. Hmm, I’m trying to think of a first gen Nintendo product that had major flaws…the only thing that comes to mind is the DS/DS Lite issue, but I don’t know if being made smaller and brighter really counts.

  13. A new job, a baby on the way and a house, means that the last month has been crazy busy. I last logged in to EVE this Satruday night, after an abscence of about a month, the longest so far.

    I did once wait in front of an EB Games store from 10pm till midnight when Halo 2 came out. But actually camping in front of a store for a game or console, I’ve never done, and don’t plan on doing so. Yesterday morning, my wife and I saw a few brave (nuts?) gamers waiting in front of a WallMart for the Wii. T’was almost freezing tempature here in Montreal and I can’t fathom how cold they must have been.

    Hope it was worth it!!

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