Boston vs. Video Games

The mayor of Boston plans to bill Sony for public security costs related to the PlayStation 3 release. Meanwhile, a city councilor is trying to have Grand Theft Auto ads removed from city buses. No plans have been announced yet about forming a lynch mob and storming the nearby offices of Turbine.

In a nearby state, the Senator who was promoting video game censorship as part of her re-election campaign won by a rather large margin. In yet another nearby state, her co-sponsor on the “Family Entertainment Protection Act” was re-elected by a somewhat smaller margin.

If you did manage to acquire a PlayStation 3 or Wii, you may want to put it in your car and start driving west.

: Zubon

hat tip: Hit & Run and Overlawyered.

3 thoughts on “Boston vs. Video Games”

  1. The political atmosphere of today makes me think that some people seriously have to stretch to find an agenda. Seems like I meet more and more people who are my age and think that video games are either polluting the minds of todays youth, or they don’t know anything about video games and remain neutral.

    Having grown up on games like Doom, Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2, and other rated M games I can truly say that video games DO NOT TURN CHILDREN INTO PSYCHOPATHIC KILLERS! I have a decent job, a wife that I love, I pay my taxes, and obey social laws. Seems to me like politicians don’t have the balls to say that some people are just nuts and prone to violence while others aren’t no matter how many Nightmare on Elm Street movies they watch, or rated M video games they play.

  2. If you do plan to head west with your games, I would suggest taking a detour around Utah. Our idiot/inbred politicians have recently resurrected our “games = porn” bill…again. No matter how many times it gets shot down, it won’t stay dead. It’s enough to drive a gamer to a murderous rage!!! So I guess games to don’t kill people, politicians kill people.

  3. All this crap makes me wonder if us military members are still defending the constitution or just these moron sold out corporate shills known as poloticians.

    And ffs games = porn? I have the American Music awards on out of sick disgust (like doing research on the enemy) and the Pussycat Dolls are on…..HELLO? This IS softcore porn. :S

    blood still boiling

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