Wired brings great news, Firefly is being made into an MMO. Could Kwip get what he wants? I hear the heavens rejoicing with good tidings.

But wait, what is that deep booming thunder? Is it a sign of impending doom? Alas poor me, my hopes of a good game are once again likely to be dashed against the rocks of despair.

I think the setting of Firefly is tremendous, but I really don’t see anything that impressive at Multiverse. Now if someone told me Joss Whedon was going to be involved, I would have hope.

– Ethic

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9 thoughts on “Firefly!?”

  1. I’m also a little afraid; even if Multiverse lives up to its grand expectations, I’m not as confident that they can have a playable game in 2008.

    My hope will be stronger if Joss is involved as well, but for now all we see is a Fox representative, the company that killed it as a television series.

  2. Enh, stargate, firefly, star trek, tabula rasa all in development. I’m not hopeful

  3. I’m playing aroudn with some of the multiverse stuff with the ultimate goal of making a low-end superhero MMO. From what I can see, technology side, they’ve got some pretty good stuff going ont here behind the scenes. Their client is capable of more than they currently push it to do, and even if it wasn’t, it’s not like they couldn’t drop some cash and make a better/more modern one. I’m going to be evaluating it some more this weekend, and I’ll post some notes when I’m done.

    That said, even if it doesn’t work for Firefly, it’s got tremendous potential as a toolkit for wannabe MMO developers. I knwo that if I had to worry about writing network code, a client, server and billing backend, etc. the type of thing I’m working on would never get done, because, gameplay-wise, it’s got some concepts in there that make the corporations that pay for mainstream MMO development very uncomfortable: very short time to level cap, primarily dynamic instead of primarily static content, etc. I think, if nothing else, the Multiverse platform could be a great place for new ideas to be tested and polished, then trickle into the mainstream.

  4. So I looked at Multiverse more closely this weekend, and even for a beta, it still seems pretty solid. Of course, it’s a beta, so there’s still some things that need to be added/improved upon, badly, like instancing and a fully working quest system, but it seems like a very solid concept. I think there’s a chance that it could be used to make a decent Firefly game, and it’s definitely the one I’m going to end up using for my game, especially if they can get the instancing thing in in the next 6 or 8 months.

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