Thank You Blizzard

[WoW] I have been reading a bit about the latest WoW patch. It makes CoH’s recent patches sting less. This is not schadenfreude, just a reminder that even the market leader is not doing any better. Introducing new bugs while rushing to implement nerfs and ignoring test server feedback is one thing (two things). Intentionally switching raid drops to items that no one could even theoretically use? Priceless.

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  1. Re: Shaman drops on Alliance raids – Not sure what they were smoking that day. If the items were Bind on Equip that’d be one thing, since they could be banked for the day that Alliance shammys roam Azeroth, but for now they’re strictly disenchant bait.

  2. I really find it hard to believe that was intentional, it is such a blatantly stupid idea that I honestly can’t see someone in a design meeting going “Hey I have a great idea, lets go ahead and let stuff drop that no one can use yet for the next 2 months or so” and having everyone there agree with him.

    It wouldn’t even make much sense even if it were only the BoE stuff. There won’t be level 60 Alliance Shaman’s or Horde Paladin’s until after the expansion release (and not in any real numbers until atleast a month after). Until then the alt drops are causing people to miss out on what should have been gear to help their toon NOW.

  3. Bah hit submit before I wanted to.

    I think the part that has the most people irritated is the fact that this patch broke so many good Ui addons. If Blizzard would truly embrace the addon design community instead of treating them like a leprous red headed stepchild (yet stealing their ideas when it suits them) this would go ALOT smoother for both sides. Blizzard wouldn’t have to respond to 4000 different threads complaining about a broken addon, and the addon devs could actually keep their mods up to date and ready for release.

  4. I would not have done it intentionally, but I cite our good friend at AFK Gamer, quoting Vrakthris:

    With this patch we have released many features/changes in preparation for the upcoming expansion. One of these changes is that Paladin items will now be found by the Horde and Shaman items by the Alliance.

    Although some of these classes might not be available by the opposite faction until the Burning Crusade release, this is indeed an intended change.

  5. Aye I read that quote as well, and I still find it hard to believe it was intentional.

    I would rather believe that they screwed up and he got the short end of the stick and had to make up an excuse in some way to try and save face by saying that. How it would save face i’m not sure but the sheer stupidity needed to make that decision is frightening to me.

  6. Which would be worse?

    1. thinking that was a good idea
    2. making an error, lying about it, and thinking that most people would think “thinking that was a good idea” was a better thing than making an error
  7. Blue gold:

    Plain fact is that this is about production schedules and not about you. … This isn’t about you. It’s about the game. Find something more worthwhile to complain about.

    H/T: n3rfed

  8. As someone who plays EVE-Online and not WoW, it’s refreshing to know that other companies can’t deliver an expansion properly (“Invention” requires a part that appears not to have dropped AT ALL yet)

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