Plato: Everyone’s a Dev

From Protagoras:

Now I observe that when we are met together in the assembly, and the matter in hand relates to building, the builders are summoned as advisers… And if some person offers to give them advice who is not supposed by them to have any skill in the art, even though he be good-looking, and rich, and noble, they will not listen to him, but laugh and hoot at him, until either he is clamoured down and retires of himself; or if he persist, he is dragged away… But when the question is an affair of state, then everybody is free to have a say-carpenter, tinker, cobbler, sailor, passenger; rich and poor, high and low-any one who likes gets up, and no one reproaches him, as in the former case, with not having learned, and having no teacher, and yet giving advice

: Zubon

One thought on “Plato: Everyone’s a Dev”

  1. best part is that “assembly” is either agora or agon, and if its agon, that means “competition”. So, it goes, “Now I observe….[we have come together to decide/compete]…” Devs are all about competition — amongst themselves and the players it seems. Not the interpretation you meant, I know, sorries :p

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