Holiday Events

In City of Heroes and Villains, Snaptooth has returned and kidnapped Baby New Year! Oh noes! Save the little tyke and enjoy your Christmas toys (and badges).

Father Crimbo is missing from the Kingdom of Loathing, so the Fright Queen steps up to take his place. Three spirits will guide you against primitive cave-elves, festive undead, and cyborg reindeer as you seek to bring him back. Assemble your own familiars!

Over at Gunbound, the event itself does little to gameplay except add a new song, but they are giving a discount on various avatar items and an easy way to get the gold to pay for them, along with some free avatar items.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Holiday Events”

  1. My CoH/V account finally died this week so am afraid the baby will just have to get rescued by somebody else.

    However I can shortly get my Frostfell candy, decorations and all manner of craftable goodness in EQII as Graby Giftgiver and miscellaneous fairies are in a giving mood and will be arriving in Qyenos and Freeport “soon”. (Excited squee sounds)

    Oh, and in SWG we got some boxes with paintings and a wreath…

    (Most importantly, Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather has been done as a TV special for Sky TV. Now,when is somebody going to make a Discworld MMO?)

  2. Snaptooth’s interestingly difficult for squishies to solo. My brute, tanker and scrapper were fine with him, but I had a hell of a time on my corruptor.

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