How Many 2.0s are there?

Buzzword check! Most of us have heard of “Web 2.0” by now, which is of course jealous imitation by people who are not as cool as Al Gore. In discussing my wife’s upcoming presentation in Second Life, I was introduced to the term “Library 2.0.”

Oh lord, are we really doing this, the way that we added “e-” to the front of everything ten years ago? “E-commerce!” Does anyone else have more examples? Or a way I can cash in on this if it is a developing fad? You’ve seen how much I write — I can pump out a management book on “Business 2.0” in a month, provided I have an advance from a publisher. With no real content! It will be the start of Book 2.0!

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “How Many 2.0s are there?”

  1. Just wait until someone feels it’s a little bare, yet, and adds the “e-” prefix, as well.

  2. Well, I was going try Wife 2.0, but my lawyer warned me not to attempt to unload Wife 1.0, or it would cost me half my stuff.

    But e-Wife so far has been nice. However, there is a danger of a fatal exception should Wife 1.0 become aware of the resource allocations to e-Wife.

  3. “i-“, and I’m not talking about iMac or iPod, they’re the only legitimate uses.

  4. And here I thought I was reading a Blog 2.0 on the Web 2.0… how sad to learn that this is only a Blog 1.0. So behind the times.

  5. It looks KTR IS using WordPress 2.0. :) I also love how products that come with a ton of generally useless, extra crap must be elevated to the title of “Professional”! Just in case “Chew your drive v.2.0 Personal Edition” wasn’t good enough…now with more Sodium! Sweet Jesus! ….and SpyWare, TrialWare, Malware and some Microsoft demo!

    Just my i$.02.

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