Hunters Gone Wild

wow[World of Warcraft] Undermine has become a welcome home for our Night Elf Hunters. My wife spends her spare time greeting anyone and everyone, only to be ignored most of the time. But not always. Just recently she had another female Night Elf get mad at her for blowing a kiss to her boyfriend. Duel challenges arrived and my wife got a good laugh out of the whole thing.

Later on I introduced her to fishing and since she now has a big cat as a pet she needs to feed it and fish are perfect. She has taken to fishing and seems to really enjoy it, out-fishing me on a regular basis. While I was at work the other night, she found a guild for us to join. They were having a big party in Darnassus and she sort of wandered into the middle of it. Seems like a pretty big guild but I have yet to determine what type of guild it is exactly. Hopefully they are not a hard-core raiding guild.

We hit level 12 last night and are still having a lot of fun. We even have invited some solo players along whenever we see them near a quest area. The addition of pets has really made our hunter duo even more powerful. Now if I could just find a pet wolf somewhere (or else I’m going on a trip to grab The Rake).

– Ethic

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  1. You can find Wolfes in the Dwarfen start zone south of Ironforge. But maybe you should look for a bear – they have more armor than other pets, makes them good for tanking. If you need a list of all the pets and their abilities, check this website:

    There, you’ll find quite a few useful tips about pets. Happy hunting!

  2. I tried to get a bear, but it turned into a disaster for us. I’m not sure I want a bear right now, even though they are a good tank pet and certainly have a wide range of foods to eat. I just like the wolves and I also like The Rake but he is so far away to get from the Night Elf lands. For me I just go by the looks of the pet. We aren’t looking for the best or anything. So far, our cats have been very good pets but I want something different from the cats and the wolves are fun to watch. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

  3. See, that’s what I like to hear, somebody playing a game for the FUN of it and not because they have *just* *got* *to* *get* *to* *teh top!!11!!* etc.

    Enjoy the journey, all of it.

  4. Last night while my wife went out with a friend of hers, I decided to make the run from Darnassus to just outside Thunderbluff. It was a very uneventful trip, but fun to be a level 12 Night Elf in Horde lands. Lots of people followed me around for a while, as if I was a threat of some sort.

    End result, The Rake is my new pet. I got very lucky and found him right away.

  5. i tamed myself a black spider with dark red dots from Jasperlode mine – just for the fun of it. I always causes an uproar when I bring it into a tavern: “EEK spider! Put it away!”

  6. Yeah, the “Black Widow” spider is another one I considered for the freak out possibilities. The Rake has generated some attention in Darnassus. Several hunters have asked me where I got him and they were surprised by the answer.

  7. The first time I tried to get the Rake I killed cats for over an hour. Then finally he spawned but I did not notice and shot him. I ran away so he would reset and when he evaded back I watched another hunter tame him. I got him my second try.

    But since the attack speed is getting normalized in 2 weeks i’m getting a ghost saber as someone else suggested. I already tried once but at lvl 19 I kept spawning lvl 20 cats from the figurine and it just got to hard to keep the area clear without a pet hoping to spawn a lvl 19 one, and a lvl 19 tauren causes quite a commotion in darkshore. I’ll come back in a level. If it were a pvp server I don’t know how I’d do it.

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