Lets Get This Over With

Trying to find 5 things you don’t know about me is easy enough as most everyone that reads this site knows nothing at all about me. Generally, I kind of like it that way so when Heartless_, Cosmik and Relmstein tagged me (and the rest of the KTR gang) to participate in this strange game I was a bit perplexed. Therefore I have decided to try to find 5 somewhat interesting things without getting too personal and then I’ll tag a few more people just to keep the world pissed off.

1. When I was in elementary school, I fell for the “hey kid, lick that metal street signpost” in winter trick. My tongue became firmly stuck and it took an observant neighbor to rush out with a small cup of warm water to separate me from the metal post. I left a piece of me behind too. Ouch.

2. I used to play drums in a heavy metal band during high school. We sucked pretty hard. I have plans to buy a drum set during 2007 just to prove to my wife and kids that I really can play.

3. I was once invited to Ford’s Proving Grounds to get a ride in a full blown World Rally Car driven by an actual professional driver.

4. Thanks to Gary and Ryan at Massively Online Gamer! and Brent at Virginworlds, I’m now addicted to podcasts. Thanks guys!

5. My wife is a former high school cheerleader. Yes, I did good, but the best part is that she is an amazing human being, wife and mother and I am nothing without her. ‘Nuff said.

Tag time: Any of the guys here at KTR that want to join in. Also, CrazyKinux, Alaph, and Kwip.

– Ethic

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  1. Part of my tongue remained firmly attached to the signpost. It was very cold. Try it sometime.

  2. Like a Zebrafish, I just regrew the missing portion and was back to new soon after. And besides, gross.

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