Just got back after finishing my first MMORLG (Massively Multiplayer Offline Real Life Game) called “Walt Disney World”. It took eight full days and it was very fun, but there was a lot of walking involved. We had many quests to do and most of them were a blast. They had transportation hubs that allowed you to take a mechanical “bus” to get from zone to zone without having to walk there first. Made getting around a little easier.

There were a lot of other people playing so we had some lag while walking as well as queues for many of the quests. They did have a feature where you could go to a quest area and get a “fastpass” which basically allowed you to reserve a spot in a group at a later time. Then if you came back at that time you could go right ahead with the quest, skipping the queue.

There was a lot of loot to be had, but most of it required RMT. In fact, after you finished almost every quest, the only rewards you could get had to be purchased with real money. I was able to play in a group with my whole family most of the time and only occasionally did they require us to split up. The funny thing is, the barrier to grouping was based on height more than our individual level.

Now that I am done with that game, I’ll get back on track with my posts here – including the “meme” threads going around. Yeah.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “My First MMORLG”

  1. Sounds like you had fun. I enjoyed the update, but was a tad bit disappointed. I thought you might talk about Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom, where they somewhat mix in RL stuff with in game rewards. I guess I’m just geeky like that.

  2. Did the resort run? We did that in August. My first vacation in almost 15 years. Two weeks of relaxation and all the mouse ears I could handle.

  3. We stayed at Saratoga Springs. It was great, first vacation for us in about 10 years so it was well-needed. Now I just need to get back into the swing of things.

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