Second Librarian

[Second Life] My wife gave her presentation about MySpace in libraries in Second Life last night. That part of Information Island has a cap on how many people can be there, to prevent lag/crashes/whatever. Attendance was so high that they had to increase the cap. Yes, my wife beat the level cap in Second Life. No Anshe-esque activity was observed.

I have been wondering what organizations with a Second Life presence will do when the inevitable backlash hits. At some point, the story will be that there is sex! in a game! on the Interweb! that children could be playing! and no one is doing anything to stop it! Do you want your child to be cyber rape porned?! We must do something about it! For the children! “Excuse me, but why has your company/library/whatever set up shop in a ‘virtual world’ that is trying to lure children into sexual games? Is that what your company/library/whatever is all about, child molestation and kiddie porn?” The librarians I know would probably see this as a great educational opportunity, in which we can teach people about the internet and virtual worlds and other things that do not fit in a snappy soundbite like “library facilitates child molestation.” Who wants to place bets on “reasoned discussion and education” versus “internet perverts are coming for your children”?

: Zubon

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  1. Jack Thompson. I mean… the perverts one. It’s only a matter of time before he makes the leap from “violent games are pornography” to “all games are pornography”, and this might be the missing link in his next great logical phallusy (a term used on occasions when an individual says “F&@! Logic!” rather than going to the effort of trying to make an argument, however poor).

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