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cov[City of Villains] For villains level 30-35, the Talos Island mayhem mission is bugged. At least for my character it was; maybe it is Mastermind-related, I have no idea. I ran it three times, and the hero failed to spawn each time. For the non-CoVers, mayhem missions are timed missions where you rob a bank and defeat a hero, with side missions and various objects to blow up along the way. Mayhem missions are required to get your contacts in a new zone.

I put in two support calls, since I was still waiting on a call from the second when the third Mayhem failed, too. Keep in mind that you need to block one of your three mission slots with the failed mission while waiting if you want them to be able to help you, and if you are offline or on a different character when the support call comes, you get an e-mail encouraging you to try again later.

Petition: 01/14/2007 02:22 PM
Response: 01/14/2007 03:58 PM (96 minutes)

Petition: 01/14/2007 06:35 PM
Response: 01/14/2007 10:11 PM (216 minutes)

: Zubon

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  1. Response times are becoming a persistent problem for an MMO that was once considered one of the best in the industry. As they’re handled by NCSoft, it says a bit about their round of layoffs…

    I’ve also run into the Talos Island bug. I usually just /bug it and move on, but I can afford to: since I team with my wife, I just follow her mission arcs for those levels. I’ve never checked if “mission dropping” worked for Mayhems, but I somehow doubt it would.

  2. This morning:

    Petition: 01/15/2007 07:25 AM
    Response: 01/15/2007 07:54 AM

    Unfortunately, server maintenance starts at 08:00 AM, and the mission was timed, so I will see about getting it cleared this afternoon.

    Update: I clicked the wrong thing when I got back, so I doubt they will be able to help me. This demonstrates how we usually deal with CSR: get frustrated enough to deal with it ourselves. I should just try not to take any timed missions, since those are the ones that can fail, and they seem to be bugged with startling regularity lately.

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