WoW Abducted My Wife

wow[World of Warcraft] Seriously, she is crazy. She is playing when I am at work, this is not fair! She is leveling and I can’t keep up. She is making friends and has to stop to chat every time we go on a quest together. Level 21 already! I never made it past 29 (on two characters) in all the time I played solo. We hit 21 in just a few weeks without any troubles at all. I just finished proclaiming no interest in the expansion but that was before she heard about Blood Elves. Next thing I know she’ll be bringing home two boxes and installing them herself.

Two months ago, “take a World of Warcraft break” would have meant “get off the computer already”. Now it means “we should go to the basement and play WoW for a while”.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “WoW Abducted My Wife”

  1. I wish my wife would play that much. She hasn’t leveled past 51 since the game released =)

  2. Ethic..that’s so funny…some times we wish we didnt open “Pandoras-Box” and find out what its like when our wives like games as much as we do … I just found out that Guitar Hero II for PS2 is like Crack for females… eeesh… My wife has had multiple friends over to play and rocked late in to the witching hours. Haha!..

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