Growth via Cut-n-Paste

wow[World of Warcraft] For the first time in a long time I lost my cool on WoW last night. Of course, I had rough day at work, was fighting a migraine, and this was just the famous final straw, but I’ve gotten angry at the situation before. It has to do with the fact so many of BC’s quests are direct copies of each other for each side. This ends up causing annoying situations like where I spawned a mob for my quest (this was the annoying trampoline quest in Nagrand, which took almost 30 minutes for me to land in the nest), only to have a squad of nearby Ally druids snag it. Since they could fly up, they got the quest item without agroing the bird, then took mine, laughed, and flew off. I ended up swearing and turning off my computer. Yes, there’s an element of jerk-osity there of course, but even in the best of situations you can’t help but get in the way of someone else doing the same quest without any way to help.

I realize there’s only so much in the way of creative things you can do in a zone to keep the hordes, so to speak, of people buzy. If we had completely separate things to do, we’d probably have much less quests to do. However, most quest lines are direct copies of each other, with alterations in verbiage. There’s a great short quest line out of Stonebreaker for the Horde that results in a decent head item. At the end of it, the shaman summons a wolf spirit, and apologizes for evils over the years. Your reward is a tribute to you as thanks from him. The exact same quest goes on for allies, but they are collecting wolf pelts for a collector. One of the many situations where the Horde-as-evil assumption takes a hit.

Without switching sides though, you can see this happen on the Aldor/Scyer debate. Initially, there was insane amounts of debate as to which side is the better. It turns out they are pretty much the same, with minimal, mostly tradeskill related, differences. And their quest series out of Netherstorm are almost exact duplicates, even merging at one point. If this is supposed to show that the duality is acutally two sides of the same coin, it fails. Because now you’re not just fighting Allies for that mob, but you’re also fighting other Horde people, who already have their own group and are waiting for the boss. It gets a bit silly. There’s a lot to like in BC, but the reuse of quests seems sloppy when they used this much polish.

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  1. Off-topic somewhat: I heard from a buddy the best way to do that trampoline quest was to right-click and cancel the jump buff right above the nest. Not 100% certain, as I’m not playing WoW atm and haven’t tried BC.

  2. Rick that is correct, but the real sekret strat is to skip that quest and return when you are 70 and have a flying mount.

  3. I used the first option (died once) and eventually got it. However, after getting burned by having my bird stolen, I went for the latter – I will just collect my 10g then.

  4. Actually that one wasn’t too bad, it may have been my imagination but after positioning myself in the correct spot on top of the trampoline it’s quite easy to get the right trajectory. Canceling in the air also helps quit a bit, although it can kill you if you have bad timing.

    Still, flying mount ftw.

  5. I just activated the trampoline, saw the nearby hill thing while floating in the air headed the wrong way, landed, mounted, went up the hill, and managed to land on the nest after trying for about five minutes…

  6. I know it doesn’t help now, but if that wasn’t a PVP server, that should be considered griefing.

    And I am going to be glad that by the time I get to Outland with my Belf most people will be done.

  7. Oz,
    There are jerks everywhere, as you noted yourself. Just to give a positive experience as counter to yours:
    The Blood Ring event in Nagrand pits you and your group against a series of successively powerful mini-Bosses. If you win at the end, you can get a very nice item for a level 66-68 or so char. The problem is, the event is open, so:
    1. You have to wait your turn to talk the NPC who launches each part of the series, and you can’t talk to him if another group is in the middle of a fight.
    2. As the event is open and accessible for both Horde and Alliance, there are usually groups of players of both camps standing around.

    Thankfully, I play on a PvE server and had a very positive experience with this event. Not only were the other Alliance players willing to wait and take turns with us activating the events, we even helped each other kill the mini-bosses. Even better, a Horde group that was there at the same time was nice enough to wait and even helped a bit, and we returned the favour after we finished.

    So there are nice ppl out there as well as immature jerks. Just take it in stride and remember not to get too upset, it’s only a game ;)

    By the way if you’re a mage or priest and missed the nest, just activate slow fall to avoid dying from the fall damage :)

  8. The Ring of Blood event is a bizarre event, but yes, it’s where PvE works nicely. If this quest worked along these lines, it wouldn’t matter that the other people stole my bird, as I triggered it.

    My guild runs the ring often, pretty much when someone dings 65 they drag a group over. While there are people who refuse to help the allies, most of us help whomever’s up. There’s two reasons to do this. Helping them win is friendly, but also, and let’s face it most people are thinking of themselves, but if they win quicker, it’s faster for you to do yours!

    The lack of language interaction annoys me sometimes. Trying to explain to the ally mage that I’ll help him kill the quest mob via emote is time consuming and confusing. I do what I can.

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