Indie MMO Game Dev Conference

As I am sure I have mentioned before, I’ll be attending and speaking at the indie MMO Game Developers Conference next month in Minneapolis.

My details here if you want to hook up. I’m more than happy to chat with anyone, and the first person that recognizes me as Nicodemus and says something witty gets a free signed copy of my book (hey, I gotta pimp these things).

~ Robert / Nicodemus

3 thoughts on “Indie MMO Game Dev Conference”

  1. I will buy a copy of your book if you invite me out to the Myth nightclub or bar hopping with y’all while you’re here in the Twin Cities =) *hugs*

  2. I ordered your book from my local Barnes and Nobles and they are taking forever to get the delivery in. I think they are incompetant, not for any screwup on the publisher side.

    Do you have a direct sales link? I’d rather cut out the middleman anyway, if they are going to take a slice of your pie.

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