The Ugly Side

Another example of the ugly side of MMOs just occurred.

In World of Warcraft, a member of a guild is claiming his brother was one of the victims at Virginia Tech. He announced that he is taking over his brother’s character and that the one thing his brother wished for was to have a mount. Therefore, this “person” is asking for donations to buy one. Now, if true I certainly feel for him and his family. But why would you turn your grief into asking people for gold? Even if I believed him, I think that action is way out of line. I assume this guy is using a tragic event for a personal gain and it makes me sick. Worse yet, the guild is pooling funds for this guy. If I was in that guild, I’d be so out of there. But maybe that’s just me.

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “The Ugly Side”

  1. Another cog in the wheel that is the Internet. Until the anonymity issue is solved (IPv6 /pray), then this sort of crap will always exist in game, out of game, etc. etc.

    If you offered people the chance to beg for (and most likely get) real life money anonymously in a similar RL situation, how many of them would refuse?

  2. If my relative was involved in the shooting, I would not do such a thing. What purpose could it possibly serve? So I could retire the character with a mount? Perhaps in some way that would be a way to “end” the character, but myself I’d be too creeped out “wearing” my deceased relative’s character to do that and consider retiring the character immediately to be much more appropriate.

  3. I agree, if I lost someone that close to me I can’t see myself possibly doing this, even playing the character. Especially only a few days later. I think I would be thinking something more along the lines of “why am I playing this stupid game instead of getting out when life is so short”

    I remember even for my grandparent’s funerals, I was not able to go through their stuff to pick out things I’d like to keep. But my cousins, who were never around and never helped them, actually wrote down a list of things they wanted from their house that my uncle presented to my mother before the bodies were even cold. I just so wanted to punch them all out.

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