Language Evolves

I was away from MMOs for a little while this year, so could someone tell me if the vocabulary shifted?

  • Does “inc” now mean, “I intend to solo this group, so the melees should just watch the enemies run by”?
  • Does “pulling” now mean, “I’ll distract this one while half the group rushes into the middle of the spawn”?

I hate looking dumb because I don’t understand what’s going on.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “Language Evolves”

  1. It’s not that the vocabulary has shifted, it’s that WoW popularized the MMO genre. The majority of MMO players only started within the last two and a half years, and they didn’t pick up ‘YAFMMOs For Dummies’ with their copy of the game.

  2. Either that, or you’re playing City of Heroes, where both of those choices are valid tactics.

  3. Wow has a lot of flaws due to its player base. The ones that lack curtiouscy, patience, and intelligence never last ;)

  4. Just a heads up on a couple more for ya Zubon:
    “add” usually means additional mob, unless the one who says “add” leaves, which in this case it means “run”.

    “LFG” has in some ways evolved into “LFB” which means a 3 minute friend. This is sometimes followed by a linkdead and then a “/tell from hell” if you leave them after they have gone afk for 10 minutes with no communication.

  5. Another one is:
    “Ok, before we start, bob you CC the Chieftan, Harry you CC the leuitenant, i’ll pull – WTF?”

    means “healer please pull the boss”

  6. ‘LFG’ as a priest means no matter what the group wants to do, no matter how bad their gear or how unused to being in a group they are or how little they like working as a team, that it’s your fault if they die.

    And you should pay their repair bills.

    And no, you don’t get any thorium nodes. You should be healing.

  7. If as a priest you get a “want to come to BM with us”, the correct reply is “Sure – I’m raid shadow spec btw”. It all goes a bit quiet at that point.

    Now I’ve tipped them off, the other (non-shadow) priests in my guild now use this reply for random tells too… :)

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