I Flied?

What’s this about a druid epic flight form? That’s hot.

Oh, and we can all learn to fly at level 14 over in City of Heroes. And everyone can get jet pack starting at level 6. But I’m sure your game is very nice, too. :)

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “I Flied?”

  1. Travel times are one of the sorest gripes I have with MMO’s. One should not have to save, grind, and get at least halfway through the game before being able to move about at a reasonable speed. CoX was able to design their system with this in mind, and most mount-based systems knock you off when you get hit anyway, so it’s not as though content gets bypassed. It bugs me to have to babysit autorun for ten to fifteen minutes, maybe reading a book but always afraid I might miss a nasty spawn behind a tree which’ll make me do the whole bloody run over again.

  2. I used to play CoH (and beta tested CoV too). Tried all forms of travel but NOTHING beats flying. I don’t care if everyone else beats me at a race, flying is just so… superhero-ish! :)

  3. I dunno. Can’t go wrong with the nightcrawler style (though it can be awkward).

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