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coh[City of Heroes] I have previously complained about bugs and customer service waiting times in City of Heroes/Villains. I have had no significant issues since my return. Issue 9 had no game-breaking bugs, and what bugs there are are mostly contained within the new things (although the “fix” for perma-stealth with rescues/kidnappings is keeping me out of Warburg). Oz and others have commented on how lovely customer service has been.

I suspect these two issues are related. The more bugs there are, the more customer service needs to do, the less time it has. You will not have a 90 minute wait if the help queue is three people deep. I usually fear playing after a new Issue, but the game seems to be working rather well.

I have not had any problems with Comcast either. My internet connection has been stable for months. This is good, since the only thing that had been delaying my switch was AT&T DSL’s problem recognizing my condo’s address.

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  1. Good to hear. About the only issue I’m finding I *think* lies with my ISP. I’m getting more and more unplayed animations. The attack goes off and even registers, but nothing showing on my display. At first I thought they’d changed some signaling information, as it affects both computers in my house, but none of my friends are seeing it.

  2. I am dropping Comcast this weekend actually and getting RCN. I have not had internet access for weeks now, and it’s always dropping out. I hope RCN can do a better job, they just entered my area, so I hope that means they have new equipment around here. I also love Comcast customer service and will miss the lessons in patience and bladder control as I sit by the phone not able to move for fear of missing the call and then having to wait 4 more weeks for another appointment. Good times.

    So yeah, i have not been able to try CoV yet, i will try it saturday as soon as I get my new cable.

  3. Wait, you’re leaving Comcast for dsl? Are you nuts or do you just live in some bizarro world where Comcast doesn’t rock and dsl doesn’t suck?

  4. I came home last night and actually had internet access! I guess comcast read my post and decided to give me back my access, no matter they will be gone by saturday afternoon! *music here*

    anyway, I managed to download CoV thanks to your trial, though I have a problem maybe because I’m using Vista, but on all the setup screens to log in and to create characters, I can’t see the mouse pointer, I just move it around until I see something light up, then try to change it. Luckily everything has a ‘hover’ style so I was able to get in. Then once i’m in I still can’t see the mouse until I alt-tab out then back, then finally I can see my pointer and actually play. Wierd.

    So far it’s fun. I’ll play more this weekend. What server is everyone on? I guess I should log into your forums. I should probably do some work though. Silly company, expects me to work!

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