If I Had A Million Infamy

I made my first million Infamy last night. I remember my Heroes getting a million Influence back in the day. They were mid-20’s, had been miserly about enhancements, and even zoned out of missions a few times to sell so I wouldn’t miss any drops. And I needed that million so I could burn it on their first sets of SO’s. Without them, I was roadkill. Scrimp, save…it’ll be worth it.

My Mastermind dinged 16 late last night. And he made his million from just two drops. L’il bit different.

A few days ago, I looted one of the Kismet enhancements. I still have no clue how it works, despite 30 minutes on Google and an hour on the forums. For the most part, I saw no reason how it really would benefit me, so I looked it up on the AH, and saw that it sold for 200K to 1M inf, although none sold in the past two days. Wow. Hesitantly, I put mine up for 300k. Sold instantly. 300k for a level 15 enhancement. I took my inf, feeling like I’d robbed the bank and ran off. The next mission netted me one of the regeneration enhancements, again something I could use but not as well as others. This one seemed to sell from 500k to 2m. I threw it up for 700k and walked to bank some of my surplus salvage. Before I got to the bank, I got the message that it sold. I was now a millionaire. And like any recent millionaire, I decided to go shopping. It’s Brewster’s Millions time, baby!

A mere 500k later, my character was decked out. Wearing the best invention enhancements I could squeeze on him (level 19/20 stuff), he was sporting 2 different, complete, pet enhancement sets, 2 different, complete, range damage sets, the highest DO’s I could buy, and feeling somewhat silly. My power level was much higher than before, almost comically so. I went into a mission afterwards and mowed through the NPC’s. The one group of 5 oranges I pulled was a challenge, killing one of my minions, but otherwise the rest of my mission was a walk. I realize this won’t last, but it was fun while it lasted.

Should I have saved my inf as I did before? There are SO’s coming up soon I’d like to have, but they are so far off. I saw someone mentioning wings on sale for 14M, and by the time I got to the Market, they were gone. I have had no money issues, even with my wild spending habits. It seems like there is much more currency in the economy these days.

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  1. Not bad. My friend and I have had similar experiences. She got the wings as a drop on some alts we rerolled on our home server (Triumph), and they sold for something like 10M or more. She dropped 4 of it on me as a gift, so I basically had a lvl 16 with almost as much money as my lvl 43 blaster.

    I then got a lvl 16 drop that granted some special defences that I sold for 300K. But later I realized I probably could have gotten a million for it because tankers/scrappers needed it. Ah well, I was happy with what I got.

    On SOs though, I find that once I hit close to 20, I spend most of my time acquiring SOs on the market. They go for much cheaper than the stores, and generally they give better stats than the equivalant IOs would, but of course they do get old and need replacing. I needed the higher boosts though, so I went for that.

  2. You say, “I still have no clue how it works, despite 30 minutes on Google and an hour on the forums.”

    I’m having this general problem with City of Villains too! What gives? I just started playing it, so I’m unfamiliar with the community. But maybe that’s part of the problem–there doesn’t seem to BE a fansite community that produces the detail and activity I’ve seen from other games’ communities. Hell, I couldn’t even find a map to tell me where to find Doctor Creed. All the maps I could find for CoV were maps on where to get new badges.

    Maybe tonight I’ll finally find a university so that I can do the tutorial on inventions. But see, it’s not marked on any maps.

  3. Assuming that Dr. Creed is a contact you just got, he’ll show up with a waypoint on your in-game map.

    Most external resources don’t include things like contact locations because they’re already pointed out in game.

  4. Ok, so I finished my paper on deviance, finished my summary are the horrid biases that exist in the psychological world in regards to violence/aggression in video games and rolled a stalked on Infinity.

    She’s almost 10 – once she hits, I’ll start up a guild. In the meantime, you can contact me at global chat handle GB.

    I figure another 40 minutes and we’ll be ready to roll.

  5. No edit, and I am a little brain dead… but the server in question is Victory not Infinity

  6. I tried City of Heroes a few times and generally found it very enjoyable. I still have a couple of problems with it tho.

    For first, COH players don’t get COV for free. Which probably was ok some time ago, but at this time, for what I understand, this only increases the unbalance between heroes and villain presence on each server.
    For what I was told this unbalance, together with lack of PvP rewards, kills PvP.

    Another thing is about respecs. For what I understood getting a respec is not easy. The last time I reactivated the account for 1 month I did know I wanted to use my free respec (I wanted to take out the hover power and get something more useful, since my toon relies on superjump for traveling), but I didn’t wanted to use it until I had a clear idea of my template at level 50 (which I will never have since I never hit level 30).

    I know, it sounds paranoid, but I just don’t want to waste something that is so rare, difficult to get, and most importantly limited. I mean, once you respec 6 times you can’t respec anymore, doesn’t matter how much you might want to pay for another one. Why is that?

  7. Mantees, I’ll try to answer those, but backwards.

    There’s three kinds of respecs: Earned from the respec trials (Max of 3), Veteran Rewards (I think 36 month players can get 4) and Freespecs given out, typically for Christmas and the game’s anniversary (you can only have one of these at any given time).

    The hero respec trial isn’t particularly difficult, unless you have a particularly bad team. The villainside trial can be very hard if your team is too large or poorly composed. I’ve found it impossible with group of 8 friends due to poor builds and a bad mix of ATs, and fairly easy with a group of 4 as well.

    As far as builds, try Hero builder. It’s not perfect, since it doesn’t have IOs included yet, but it’s a good tool for seeign how your powers will come in and be slotted. http://sherksilver.coldfront.net/index.php

    There’s the good vs Evil edition, no longer Walmart-only, that has both COH and COV included, plus some rather pointless fluff. Jumppack, which is a decent emergency vertical travel power, the Pocket D Teleporter, usable once every half hour, and some special costume pieces.

    PVP is a bit of a pain in COH. Ostensibly it’s been balanced around team vs team, but few people fight that way. Balance is already out the window, for example there’s an epic power tanker and scrapper heroes can get that can cut through defense-based powers (i.e., dodging attacks). Villainside, Stalkers should be able to kill nearly anything in a big alpha strike. That said, my squishy corruptor has never been killed instantly – fights in the 40’s typically take a minute or two of bouncing, jousting passes.

    And, the final point about PVP is that most peopel go there to get a bonus power for PVE. Wether it’s to pick up a Shivan to help against Archvillains, or to grab a heavy and maul big packs of Longbow or Arachnos, many peopel in PVP zones are avoiding fighting.

  8. “COH players don’t get COV for free”

    I played a villian and I only bought the CoH edition, back at release. I have purchased absolutely nothing else besides 1 game card. Was this how it was and now changed? I know looking at their confusing site last night, I did see, repeatedly, that it said buying one entitles you to both.

  9. The subscription includes access to both, but unless you grab the ‘Good vs. Evil’ package, CoH and CoV are sold separately. So, “COH players don’t get COV for free” refers to it not being given away as a free expansion for CoH.

  10. I am really loving this game. I like Villains since it does not have the holy trinity of classes, which often seems like an excuse for players to bully each other. I still made a kin corruptor though. heh. But then made a some others. I haven’t even gotten a character over 20, I have 3 in the teens now. it seems to promote alt-itis.

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