What is an MMMOGIG?

An MMMOGIG is not a game, even though it might sound like some new twist on the MMO. What is it then? Well, it stands for Minnesota Massively Multiplayer Online Game Interest Group. I just got back from our first official meeting and I must say it was a really terrific time. To be in a room full of people that share your passion for these games is great, certainly when you have been so used to people not even knowing what an MMO is in the first place. I’m not going to go into too much detail as it has already been covered pretty well. If you are near Minneapolis at all and have an interest in MMOs, I strongly encourage you to join our meetup.com group and attend the next meeting. We had at least one out-of-state visitor (Zonk from Slashdot and MMOG Nation) tonight and he made a 4-hour drive to attend.

What I will say is very simple: This group is very passionate about MMOs and yet what we are all looking for in future games is quite varied. If you can make an MMO that can satisfy every gamer in the room, you will be very rich.

It was great to meet everyone tonight and I look forward the the next meeting.

– Ethic

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  1. Was a very good meeting and can’t wait for the next one. It’s good to hear from people who aren’t focused on the technical side of designing MMOs but instead the player side. All we need for next month is dancing girls and papa johns.

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