I kind of like faction grinds. My little digital person makes friends! Look, every time I do something nice, people like me more, and they even quantify exactly how much!
: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. There’s rumors that if you grind your myspace faction high enough, you get laid…

  2. Actually, if it’s done right, it can be an interesting experience. Most MMOs make it just a big timesink. Very big.

    But think of something like Fallout, where you did a half-dozen quests, saved a couple villagers, and they’d greet you with a smile.

    Nothing wrong a little effort to win over hearts and minds… Or a lot of effort to become a living legend. I’d just like to break it up. Killing a million goblins… being the goblin bogeyman… and I live in the middle of a city? I’m not going to be impressed. Now, if we don’t like the king, and you tapdance on the back of his throne, Errol Flynn through the middle of a feast belting out showtunes, and I guarantee… you won’t be forgotten.

    Ok, maybe that’s a bit more variety than the average player needs. But it would break up the grind nicely.

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