Sympathy for the Dragon

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth of taste

Actually, that’s a lie on both counts. Good start there, Dragon, way to go! Let’s try again.

It’s not going to surprise anyone when I say that I play video games nor is it going to be a revelation of biblical proportions to learn that I love playing MMOs. What will make a few of you raise an eyebrow is wondering why Ethic (very kindly) asked such a blatant amateur to join this motley band of adventurers on their rat-hunting exploits. Personally I think he was probably drunk.

I started playing video games way back when an Atari 6800 was the must have console of the time, although the first electronic game I owned was probably a Snoopy Tennis “Game and Watch” in about 1982. I got into online gaming back in about ’97 when Quake was the big thing. Don’t go thinking that I’m an uber leet PvPer though – the fact that my Quake nickname was “Deadloss” should tell you all you need to know! I’m a relative newcomer to the world (or worlds) of MMOs as I didn’t start playing them until probably about 3 years ago when a gaming magazine saw fit to put a demo of SWG on their cover disc. Since then I’ve played EQ2, WoW, dabbled with Guild Wars and messed around in EVE and more recently I’ve graduated onto longer acronymed games with LOTRO. One day, I might even found out what it means!

To make life interesting, I’ll be posting here as Dragon (which is handle I’ve never used in games but have been using online since shortly after I stopped pretending to be “Polly” – true story!) Currently you’ll find the odd post from me in the forums (both here and elsewhere) going by the alias of DraconianOne. It’s all me. Unless he says something rude, stupid or offensive in which case I don’t know him.

So hello, folks, let’s go have some fun!


8 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Dragon”

  1. Glad you’re on board Dragon. Looking forward to reading your drunken posts. Ehhh, I mean your first post once you’ve sobered up!… …Got to stop drinking and commenting at the same time!!!


  2. Do rats eat dragons? I forget how the food chain works at low levels.

    Does Horizons have rat enemies? I like the idea of PC dragons fearing NPC rats.

  3. Gratz, can’t wait to see what you have to add to this great group of commentators.

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