Double-XP Weekend

coh[City of Heroes] It’s awesome. I have really been enjoying City of Heroes lately (almost entirely Heroes, with very little Villains play). I have been leveling characters, playing with friends, and generally having a hoot. This weekend I get twice as much xp/influence/infamy/prestige for doing so. Woot! And my wife thought I had been binging lately. I am only pausing to post while waiting for a team member to arrive.

: Zubon

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  1. My corruptor on Victory hit speed boost today. Apparently this warrants global friend invites from people I’ve never worked with before.

  2. Wow, even given double experience, this has been a productive weekend. My characters have just been bumped along: 33 Controller to 35, 35 Peacebringer to 37, 37 Scrapper to 40. Let’s see what the rest of the day brings, since we’ll be out of town most of Father’s Day.

  3. You know, I don’t like double-xp weekends. I am a badge-whore. Double-xp means I have to spend a few minutes dying between missions to make sure I’m always in debt so I don’t outlevel missions that give accomplishment badges.

  4. Well the Double XP weekend got me to try out the game so I guess it accomplished something :D Currently running around as a level 15 MA/SR scrapper, and have no clue what i’m doing. I’m having fun though so that’s a good sign.

  5. I got my brute to 30 from 20 on thursday so that was fun. Being a new player I was also torn between levelling and doing story arcs. I did a little of both. Though now I feel like maybe I should have just levelled and done arcs and badges later on other alts. Oh well. My SG even helped out some of us lowbies and I got my blaster up from 3 to the mid teens by just running along SKd.

    I saw a guy named dhfkajffj and thought “yay gold farming has come to CoX”.

  6. They combine well: story arcs give good xp. Most of them do not send you running across too many zones, and the end bonus is huge. The arcs are even short in CoV.

    I was racing to finish an arc on a hero when the servers went down for maintenance. I thought I was going to make it, but the next-to-last mission turned out to be “Defeat 100 Crey.” 100? And I have less than 30 minutes to find and “arrest” them all with my katana? Oh well, at least they doubled the mission complete bonus for that hunt.

  7. I tried really hard to log on and get my level up to my goal of 30, but it was so nice outside.

    In the 6 totals hours I had to play this weekend, I did Netherwing quests. Badges are cool, but a dragon is forever…

  8. “In the 6 totals hours I had to play this weekend, I did Netherwing quests. Badges are cool, but a dragon is forever…”

    Bah I can’t even start the damn netherwing quests because of a lack of flight skill >.

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