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coh[City of Heroes] Since I got the question, I am going to explain an excellent City of Heroes/Villains system that every game should steal. Every account gets a global name, one that is unique across all servers. In-game you would refer to it starting with an “@” so I am @Zubon. This has several uses.

  • Global tells: even if you are playing a villain on Justice while I am playing a hero on Pinnacle, you can reach me with: “/tell @Zubon” If I am not currently online, it will save the message for the next time I am online.
  • Global friends: if you accept someone as a global friend (/gfriend @name), you will be able to see what characters each other are on, including server, zone, origin, archetype, level, and current team size. You can suppress this with /ghide.
  • Global chat: you can set up chat channels that people can join (with whatever permissions you want) from any server. You can have five channels running at once.

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can find my friends.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Global Names”

  1. I would agree on that IF i can take some of my Toons off of that List. There are days that i return from work, be feed up with the whole world, just want to play. And in that cases there should be a way to not to be seen…

  2. There’s a button on the global friends list to hide you from other players. It makes you offline until you toggle it to unhide you.

  3. Yeah. That’s one feature I LOVE about CoX. Wish other games would do it. My brother starts alts all the time and I never know when he’s on.

  4. Oh /ghide will keep me off people’s lists? great I was wondering if there was something.

    Nice except they’ll still see when I log on.
    Yeah sometimes it’s nice to have privacy and not get dragged into helping people.

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