How’s SOE Customer Support?

A blogger’s problems with Sony VAIO customer service have me wondering how customer service is with the online games. Many people don’t seem to like SOE. Personally, I have never played anything from them except free Planetside, so I have no experience from which to speak, although I have complained about waiting for NCSoft customer service. Commenters have reminded me of Comcast customer service.


: Zubon

5 thoughts on “How’s SOE Customer Support?”

  1. Havent had any bad experiences with them. Then again, havent needed too much from them either. In general I have had good experiences with most customer service entities except paypal really.

  2. Plenty of people love to label SOE as having horrid customer service. I, personally, do not see the foundation for that. Every experience I’ve had with SOE’s customer service has been a positive experience.

  3. Back when I played EQ1 (Kunark to LDoN) I never had a bad experience with them. GMs were always prompt and courteous, and any time I had account issues (one time at least I can think of) they were resolved quickly and without too much effort.

    As for nowadays, I have no idea. I’m not playing any Sony games at the moment. :)

  4. I have always had good experiences with SOE’s customer service. I find them to be responsive and helpful. I too don’t understand the vitriol surrounding SOE.

  5. Maybe EQ2 changed it, but EQ1’s GM interaction was often on an “guilty until proven innocent” kind of basis. And speaking as a former guide, we were directed to act in that way. The reason I left the guide program was because I refused to, and often got in trouble for it.

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