Yes, We All Loved 300

Now stop naming your characters after it. “Leonidas” does not make you any cooler than “Legolas.”

: Zubon

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  1. Personally, I’m far more forgiving of names based on historic figures / legends, especially Greek, than purely fictional ones. I’ve never balked at seeing variations of Achilles or any of the Greek Gods. Beats seeing a zillion clones of Drizzt (which just makes me gag).

  2. I created my long-retired paladin Leonidas in January 2005. But I’m actually FROM Sparta, so there.

  3. I’m waiting on the inevitable resurgance in Optimus Primes and Megatrons (among others) in the mech-oriented games out there.. to go along with the renewed Potter-world names for mage-types. There’s not a lot that brings the PKer out of me more than the umpteenth Snape, Sn4pe, xSnapex, [Snape], or SeverusSnape to walk by dropping spells around the place inside of an hour.

  4. It’s worse in a game based on a popular franchise. Star Wars Galaxies is rife with Ginn-Qui Gonn’s and OobeeWun Keenoobi’s, and Luke’ Skkyywalker’s, and of course every Wookiee in the game seems to be something-bacca.

  5. Heh. Wookie-baka…

    I think CoH/V is the only game where I don’t immediately judge other players based on their name, simply because it’s an oft-silly setting in which people are inclined to be called ‘The Illustrious Treehugging PancakeFace’ and get away with it.

  6. I wondered how long it would take to get the “baka” line. One comment, check. I’ll offer “wookie no baka,” just to kick that back into play.

    PancakeFace? Great. I do, however, judge you by things you do with your name, like xXxPancackeFacexXx or P4nc4k3F4c3. I have come to accept PancakeFace’ or Pancake.Face, although intentional confusion between capital-I and lowercase-L is inexcusable. I gave a pass to a guildmate who uses the “N A M E” format on a few characters.

  7. It’s certainly not my name, but it’s a game where people prefer to use descriptive names rather than a random assortment of syllables, and so I’m more tolerant of it there.

    The trick that bugs me most of all is when people use accented characters on servers where the vast majority of players will be using qwerty. If I can’t easily communicate or interact with ‘Chéwbåkà’, what’s the point of him appearing in an MMO?

  8. I have one of those names IRL, but luckily most of the real world is able to deal with my e and é interchangeably. Computer systems, not so much.

  9. Regardless of genre, you have an element of players that lack in the …hmmm… originality gene.

    I mean, if you have a tanker in CoH, and call him IronWall.. while not exceptionally creative, it is in and of itself original. At least to the owner of that name. And, that is where (I believe) all the ‘Leonidas’, Legolas, Frodo, blahblahSkywalker, *shiver* Drizzt, and Megatron crap stems from.

    You have people that dont (or damn well should) know that people will laugh at them for that name, simply because it may be the first online game with -real- (such a subjective word) people they’ve ever played. And the thought that there might be 100 permutations of Legolas never occurred to them. Or the fact that there are people in the game that saw/read/live the same thing they saw/read/live…

    To be honest, when I go to the Auction House, and see listings by (holy hell!!!) 5 different Aragorns… I dont get upset. I get a bit sad, but I know that eventually they will grow a bit, and realize why there are topics like this about them.

    Of course.. if the try to RP as that character, I spit then loot their corpse… but then that’s more a personal flaw… ;)

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