Rather be farming Primals

Friday night is normally my nice relax at home night, although tonight I’d planned to farm some materials for some enchants for some new gear I’d aquired. However, instead I took my kids to get their Harry Potter book at the local Borders. At least, that was my intention. Despite filling in a pre-registration form that asked for far more info than I’d ever seen for a book weeks ago, I was turned away tonight. We stood in an hour long line outside of the store only to be told our names (and phone number, which they could have used to tell us this) had been moved to a “backup hold waiting list”, whatever that might be, and that we could come in Sunday and get a book. If they had any left. Apparently “reservations” don’t mean what they used to. Came home and ordered it off Amazon like I should have in the first place.

Bad things happen when I leave WoW. Duly noted.

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6 thoughts on “Rather be farming Primals”

  1. Wow. I’d be pissed, and not shopping at Borders anymore if I were you. I was up until 2AM at the local Barnes and Noble because the girlfriend was waiting for her copy… no pre-registration for her, but they had plenty of copies left over after the pre-orders got theirs.

    How irritating that wouldn’t even courtesy call you.

  2. I worked until midnight and then stopped by Barnes and Noble only to see a line of over 200 people outside so I went to Walmart and walked out about an hour later with the book for my wife.

  3. Should’ve gone to BN – mine just checked my name off the reserved list – gave me a wristband and told me to wait until they called my number range. I sat and read Dick Winter’s memoir until they called out 550-600 got in line and was out by 1:00am.

    Finished the book this morning at 6:30.

  4. Local grocery, went at 1am. No line, it was $13.

    Don’t reserve, don’t go to the bookstore. Everywhere will sell it at half price, just go somewhere without a line. Not that we will have a book-related cultural event like Harry Potter in the near future, but you never know.

  5. My copy from Amazon will be here Wednesday, which is plenty fast for me, and only more makes me feel like a moron for standing in line. I guess I wanted my daughter to see the “magic” these Harry Potter opening nights were supposed to be. Instead, she saw poor customer service. Training tomorrow’s consumers, today!

    In a funny quirk, I came home tonight from a family event to a message on the phone from Borders. They were calling because I wasn’t there to pick up my reserved copy last night, and if I didn’t come to get it, they would be forced to sell it Sunday to the General Public (capitals added due to this guy’s stress of this).

    These guys really don’t have their act together.

  6. Did you say “I don’t think you understand the concept of a reservation. See, you know how to take the reservation, but you don’t know how to hold the reservation” ?

    Interesting about TBC I know many people who just went to Walmart too and got it, no line, lots of copies.

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