Heard in Game

Someone was explaining that his new “$5k lol” computer had “duel video cards and cpu.” Comment in global chat: “someone who can’t spell dual properly doesn’t deserve a friggen $5000 PC.”

Response: “hah it was actually spelled properly just not in the right context”
Also: “since when did mmo become grammer class”

The discussion went downhill from there. Being an MMO, people were more irritated with the grammar police than the mostly literate.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Heard in Game”

  1. Spelled correctly but not in the right context… Unless his video is giving him occassional error messages, crashing the computer, or otherwise messing up at times, than no. It was misspelled.

    Also, rouges are overpowdered.

  2. When you get thousands of random people together, communicating via text chat, it is a law of physics that a grammar war will start, and Chuck Norris will be mentioned at least thrice before it ends.

    If you misspell something, you could always say it was lag.

    Also, good one Indy. I’ve had my fair share of misspelling ‘rogue’, and the fair share of flak that comes with it.

  3. Dueling video cards. ftw.

    The rouge rogue…pink? maroon? red? or just likes makeup?

    It isn’t the misspelling that annoys me, it is the fact that people just don’t care and are too damned lazy about it. Beyond that it really gets my panties in a bunch when people make comments about others trying to help them with the right spelling. Fine dumbass, look and speak like an idiot…don’t whine to me if you are stuck in a minimum wage job and people don’t respect you.

    I mean, honestly. I make mistakes and spell stuff incorrectly all the time. Who doesn’t? But at least make an effort eh?

    Illiteracy sucks. So do vakyum cleenners. Now kan has cheezburger?

  4. I don’t mind the occasional misspelling, I’m guilty of it often. What irks me is all the l33t speak kids use online nowadays. All the text messaging is crossing the barrier into the online world where you have a whole freaking keyboard at your fingertips. If you can’t type, start learning, don’t BS your way through it with “u”s “r”s and “lol”.

    On that note, anyone who starts and/or ends more than one sentence with “lol” is mentally categorized as under 17/immature/ignored. That’s my one biggest online pet peeve. I’ve had what might be called conversations with people who started every sentence with “lol”. Is grammar that important on the internet? Probably not. Is illiteracy really that funny? I don’t think so.

  5. Duelling Video Cards…anyone else getting flashes of Deliverance, Ironforge-style? Just me then.

    Huge Grammar Naz….er…Enthusiast here, although I tend to just sit there, fume and feel superior, rather than pipe up and start correcting people. I do quite enjoy ironic misspelling and grammar, but so many people genuinely don’t give a damn, its hard to tell which is which anymore.


  6. Zubon, I forgot to mention my one exception to my self imposed rule. Cats make everything funny, especially with captions attached to them :)

  7. I just add anyone who says “duel” or “rouge” to my mental ignore list. Engaging them kills more brain cells than alcohol.

    Actually I wish we had different categories of ignore, one for people who we think are truly bad people, another for stupid idiots life is too short to deal with.

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