Mythic Sends You Boobies

I just got the new Warhammer Online Newsletter. This NSFW lady greets you right at the top. Is there some rule that the dark-skinned elves cannot have any clothing, or is that all female characters in MMORPGs? The dark-skinned elves also do not have nipples, it seems.

It also includes a fan art gallery, with the top picture being from a D&D book. I guess no one in the review process owns Tome of Battle. Come on, guys, get some nerds on the project.

I would link you to the newsletter itself, but it is not in their archives as I type this.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Mythic Sends You Boobies”

  1. > Is there some rule that the dark-skinned elves cannot have
    > any clothing

    In Warhammer? Actually, yeah, there is.

    The MMO version are actually a bit more fully dressed than the tabletop version.

    Now, whether or not GW should be pandering to 12 year old sensibilities by making an entire faction of dagger-swinging naked nymphomaniac elven women is an exercise for the curious reader.

  2. NSFW? Lol were do you live/work? Anyways this is a fairly toned down version of how a normal dark elf would look. Especially with Slaanesh they would be much more seducing and probably then you would actually see some “boobies” – unluckily W.A.R. only “features” Tzeentch. Too bad the ingame grafics are nowhere as nice as the design concepts – in that way Lord of the Rings:Online has much more detail, especially with maximum details, high resolution textures and screen resolution 1280×1024 (or higher).

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