Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

If you have not been to Tweety‘s shop, Guildcafe, I have been thinking of it as MySpace for online gamers. It is funny that I do not have a MySpace account, despite my wife’s pushing, but I signed up here on the theory of “what the heck.” Maybe I can track down some old names from Asheron’s Call at some point.

You can find Kill Ten Rats folks at:

If any other staff get profiles, I will list them.

If you are signed up and have been wondering how to send us friend requests, there you go. If you have not, hey, list one of us as a referrer when you do, so we can get valuable points that can be used for … okay, we get points. We are gamers, that is what we do.

: Zubon

I will stop calling them “Lum” and “Tweety” once I start using my own name instead of “Zubon.” I don’t think I will have a job in the industry any time Real Soon Now.

8 thoughts on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

  1. I was wondering if you guys ever check the links in your Favorites section, as some of them haven’t been updated in a long time, some don’t even talk about MMOs anymore, and some aren’t even real sites. I look through every one of them every work day (because I’m a lazy worker) and have noticed this.

  2. @Bonedead: We do, as often as we can. Most of the time I’d rather play a game instead of checking links. =)

  3. Lum of Lum the Mad is Scott of Broken Toys.

    A couple of the dormant links are there intentionally. Some people get more slack. Others I just have not checked because, if they have gone two weeks without updates, I do not think to check back frequently.

    If you think some of them should be deleted, please drop me an e-mail so I can check.

  4. Hiring Tweety was the best thing that site has ever done, otherwise it is a clear MySpace rip-off and I am quite sick of such sites personally. On the other hand, I truly like what Valve is doing with the Steam Community… years after they promised us a friends list via Steam :P

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