On our new Wii, we have only played Wii Sports so far, and no boxing because we have only one nunchuk. On the tennis court, she serves much better, and I have a good net game. She bowls more strikes, but I can pick up difficult spares. We need other couples to play against, so that we can team up. We bowl better without pants. That could be an issue.

We need to get an MMO going together sometime. She likes hitting things with swords, and I like support. I hear that it is always easy to find some damage dealers once you have your tank and healer.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Complementary”

  1. My wife and I do that… One of us plays the main healer class, the other plays a warrior or heavy armor hybrid to ensure success in grouping. We usually switch off every other MMO.

    Also, we have a neighbor couple with a Wii and its a great fun to play as a group, though we typically opt for pants on.

  2. We’ve had service for a few months and that’s been great for trying out games I would never buy.

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