Lord of the Homes

Female-Gamer has recently put up maps to the housing zones coming soon to Lord of the Rings Online. Here is a link to the Breeland homesteads and also the Falathlorn homesteads (I’ll add the link for the Dwarf and Hobbit homesteads when I see them up). Take note that you may click on the map for a screenshot of each particular home. Nice work! Here is a link to some videos of the neighborhoods and the insides of some of the houses. Pricing has been rumored to be 1 gold for a standard home, 7 gold for a deluxe home and 17 gold for the kinship hall with all three having some upkeep fees.

The way they appear to handle availability is still of a concern to me. They claim to be spawning copies of these homesteads as needed. But what if people only want deluxe homes? Will there be a bunch of empty houses because nobody is buying standard homes? The same goes for kinship halls, how can you insure there are enough for every kinship that wants one, without having too many neighborhoods? We will find out soon.

I am looking forward to this, as having a place to call home is a big deal to me. It appears we will be able to decorate the inside and outside as well as adding ambient music to set a background mood. The additional storage will be nice, and being able to recall to my home and the kinship hall will be helpful for getting around.

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11 thoughts on “Lord of the Homes”

  1. Kinships for 17g. I know the kinship I was in was saying they expected it to cost 3000g (for our WoW audience, 1 gold in LoTRO is roughly equal to 125g in WoW money) which was an insane amount of money. 17 is chump change. Wonder if you can get crafting items in there?

    I left my cash with them anyway when I left. I covered half their kinhouse it looks like.

  2. No crafting stations at this time, and I hope they don’t add them later either. With the lower populations as it is now, we don’t need people leaving the cities empty. Heck, I’m trying to find a kinship with more than 10 people on at any given time and it’s proving difficult. People hiding in kinship halls crafting will only compound the problem.

  3. 3 possible reasons:

    1. You prefer games with no housing.

    2. This game is not the game for you.

    3. You are a heartless gamer.


  4. My kin has over 10 each night nowdays, and we’re all over 30 (IRL age). you guys are all on the wrong server! (I’m on Landroval).

    Yeah we are all pretty confused as to what exactly is happening. We were thinking of having our own “neighborhood” but then that would mean some would have to have the small houses and everyone wants the big one (I already compromised buying my real life house! I want my pretend house to have it all). I guess we’ll be spread out, only 30 houses per neighborhood doesn’t seem like enough.

    But I do think the instanced neighborhoods is a pretty good solution to the “slums” problem in the real world vs instanced housing.

    Also regarding the music- it’s not custom you can’t load the ABC scripts like for your instrument. It’s just a pick of the already built-in ambient music.

    Also, if I buy one and set it up, does that make me a grown man playing dollhouse?

  5. My kin was on Brandywine, with I believe > than 10 on line at a given time. It was a mature group (in age) that was a lot of fun. I got lucky, and was probably the only reason I lasted over 2 weeks.

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