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My workplace is planning to make the jump to “new media,” which is to say “online.” Buying banner ads on a few major commercial sites was a big step for them, and suddenly I have managers trying to figure out what Second Life is. They want to engage in participatory networks and have user interaction, although they are shaky on the vocabulary there.

I have been considering how to express “time to cock” in government-speak without saying, “cock.” My manager should know that we will be creating a tool by which ten-year-old boys can send each other crickets saying profane things, both aloud and in text. My current plan is just to go with it. To heck with all restraint, this will be the most often that penises have been discussed (on-topic) in a meeting. I will go in-depth on Second Life, including defining furries, Gor, pony slaves, “attachments,” “cyber rape porn,” and that copyright lawsuit about a sex table with many functions. In today’s meeting, I described how it can be used as a teleconference site, but I should give them an accurate picture. The majority of time and space in Second Life have been devoted to gambling and pornography, and they have been getting rid of gambling.

Or do you have a better idea?

: Zubon

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  1. Do it! For the love of god, do it on behalf of us who never get to be the harbinger of doom! (I always wind up working at places that already have Tubgirl printed out and taped up behind cabinet doors; just once I’d like to take someone’s online cherry.)

  2. The company I work for is thinking about getting involved in Second Life. A few of us had to attent a seminar delivered by some PR guy. Being a gamer, I felt very comfortable in that enviornment. Of course, the reality of the situation is that Second Life doens’t make a great investment, unless you don’t put much into it. If anything, the publicity you get from saying that you are in Second Life is better than actually being in Second Life.

  3. Here’s the reality if you do try to get a second life presence. You’ll spend $50k in fee’s getting one of the SL design companies to setup your companies online presence, a flashy PR release of dubious value now that everyone knows how worthless SL is, and in a couple months time everybody will have completely forgotten about it or dropped any pretense of maintaining your empty Second Life shop.

    So basically just flushing good money down the toilet in order to hop on the hype bandwagon.

    After all the years in business I know regardless of how intelligently you explain why you shouldn’t do it, it won’t matter because the management will go ahead and do it anyway.

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