Still Alive

You know, sometimes it’s funny how small of a world the internet is.

Every night at midnight I pull up Woot and see what they have, hoping for the BoC to magically appear. After checking Woot, I check its two spawns, Sellout.woot and Shirt.woot. Shirt.woot has interesting designs, most of which are pop-culture related. Each week, a plethora of designs are submitted, many humorous in their own way. Tomorrow (tonight, depending on your time orientation), is likely to feature a shirt that says “The cake is a liar.”, which I didn’t get at all. After researching this, I find out this is from the popular Portal game for the xBox360, which I don’t own so have never played. Reading more about this leads me to find out that the ending song is quite funny (first link is it in its entirety, second is just the words and music), which is sung by a woman with a very haunting voice. A smidge more investigation leads me to find out that it was written by the amazingly talented Jonathan Coulton, whom I first discovered from a funny WoW video link a fellow guildmate forwarded. And it comes full circle. Kinda like Portal, I guess. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Jaded old gamer, and father of gamers, who's been around long enough. Still, he's always up for giving the Next Big Thing a whirl.

7 thoughts on “Still Alive”

  1. I thought portal was only $20? You need to back out of MMOs a little and live a little in the single player world if you missed the release of Portal (and maybe even TF2?). Microsoft basically latched onto this since everyone knew it would be huge, it was originally slated just for PC.

  2. I bought it for the PC as part of the Orange Box. Worth every penny even if the only thing I play is Portal. It’s THAT good.

  3. After reading my comment, it might come off as a little rude, it’s not meant to be so curt :) I followed your past topics and feel that you might be missing out on some great gaming experiences if you’re not exploring the SP side of the house as well as the posts here imply ;)

  4. I wish I had more time for gaming, but a family, fulltime and a half job, and a full time college schedule for another degree consume most of my time.

    I tend to limit my non-mmorpg time to stuff I can play on my DS =)

  5. True, but since neither I nor my wife drink, it is a portion I never go to. I think I’ve maybe loaded it twice.

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