Gilbert Strikes Again!

Tobold ponders what LucasArts-Bioware might be making other that KOTOR Online.

Hey, what about Monkey Island Online, the only MMORPG where the combat is based on a parser of insults typed into chat?

Don’t be silly. It will be called Return to Monkey Island. Please do not call it Monkey Island 5. You don’t think they were letting that franchise languish, did you?

It will be the most difficult MMO to date, with no expectation that any player will ever hit the level cap. If you do, Ron Gilbert himself will call you to tell you the Secret. As a security measure, it is not being put in the game’s code.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Gilbert Strikes Again!”

  1. It would be “Return to Monkey Island Also Cats” and everyone would be confused as to why there were no monkeys, only cats. And the secret would be the question to 42!

    In all seriousnesseseses pretty much everyone and their grandmother thinks it’s going to be a star wars themed MMO. Whatever it may be, let’s hope they took a lesson from past bad MMO experiences and did something new and innovative to boot. Oh, and not change gameplay design direction 180 degrees after a year of being out. That would be nice.

  2. As long as Lucas himself is not allowed anywhere near the project, it can’t be that bad.

  3. I still hold out hope that it’s an “Indiana Jones Online”, just so I can point to my blog and scream “I called it!” for once. :)

    And Yunk…I just do NOT know what you’re talking about. Why, look at Lucas’ skill with dialo….ummmm…I mean, his ability to not endlessly meddle with a huge blockbuster hi….errrr…his almost uncanny, instinctual feel for what Star Wars fans truly wan…..

    Okay, dammit. Point. :)

  4. My money is on star wars. The super interesting innovative stuff is most likely going to be based on the Pixelux DMM tech and the Natural Motion Endorphin/Euphoria tech.

    I’m going to be using both for my own stuff. I think DMM and Endorphin are still “under the radar” for most developers out there, which is surprising since the tech is so awesome. I think Lucasarts is the only announced game licensor thus far, I need to check.

  5. I could only hope they put quality of game design before realistically floppy bodies. I also hope I am touched by His noodly appendage.

  6. @Inhbitor: While I’m a big fan of Indiana Jones, I think basing an MMO around a gruff loner is a bit counter to content.

  7. Given the popularity of soloing, gruff loners are not a problem. Besides, how often did he actually get to work alone? That man faced pickup groups and forced grouping all the time.

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