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lotro houseThanks to some leg work by one of my Kinship members, I have some housing numbers to share from Lord of the Rings Online. This study took place on 11/02/2007 @ 8:30 pm EST on the Landroval server. Standard and Deluxe houses are purchased by individual players and you can only purchase one house per account per server at this time. Kinship houses can only be purchased by a Kinship leader with a Kinship rank of 7 or higher. The stats are broken down by race/location for Man, Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf. The numbers are the total number of houses sold. Considering houses are not cheap, these numbers do not represent the total number of players at all. From my impressions, the majority of players do not own a house yet.

Total Standard: 475
Total Deluxe: 234
Total Kinship: 44

Total Standard: 324
Total Deluxe: 208
Total Kinship: 32

Total Standard: 287
Total Deluxe: 137
Total Kinship: 13

Total Standard: 205
Total Deluxe: 102
Total Kinship: 18

1,291 Standard houses purchased
681 Deluxe houses purchased
107 Kinship houses purchased

1,972 total player houses purchased on Landroval (not including Kinship houses). 2,079 total houses purchased on Landroval (including Kinship houses).

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4 thoughts on “Housing by the Numbers”

  1. From my impressions those numbers represent the average customer base of a typical server.

  2. Good job with the stats! Houses are fairly pricey and for me, at my level(28), even the basic house would clear out most of my cash (I have 1.8 gold.) It seems like quite a number of people have taken the plunge though.

  3. I don’t think the majority of players have houses yet. Particularly for a someone that is pre-30 1 gold and change is too much to justify spending on what is essentially a pure luxury item.

  4. I hope that a majority of players do not have houses. There are only 10 North America and Oceanic servers so this means there is only about 20,000 houses total.

    Let’s say 1/5 of players have houses. This would mean that there is only 100,000 NA and Oceanic players. Assuming that there is an equal number of Euro players, this would mean only 200,000 players overall.

    Now, if 50% of players have houses then sub numbers are only around 80,000 worldwide. I doubt that this many players have houses as it seems that most of my kinmates haven’t bought a house yet. Still, a mere 2,000 houses does not bode well.

    This is very disappointing for me as I really like this game. Hopefully, only a very low percentage of people have bought houses. However, if more then 20% of people have bought a house then the worldwide sub figures are below 200,000 :/

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