Staying Out of the Console Wars

By being a PC gamer, I don’t need to deal with this. Don’t click that link. That is Jason Booth, arguing that development for the PS3 is harder than the Xbox 360, because all its superior features just give developers ways to work around its problems to bring it back to normal. And then several hundred people named “Anonymous” showed up to say things that I cannot bring myself to quote, even for explanatory purposes. There are about 500 comments as I write this, and I am scheduling this to post a week in the future so I can purge my brain before coming back to our own comments thread.

Before anyone comments here, there will be no PS3 vs 360 discussion. None. If you wish to post that fans of [the other system] are deluded fanboys and trolls, there, Mr. Booth already has a ruined comments thread for you, to say nothing of the hundreds of forums so polluted. I’m sure that bribery and fellatio were involved in all your opponents’ projects, yes, thank you.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Staying Out of the Console Wars”

  1. Zubon being a PC gamer doesn’t mean you don’t have the “deal” with the console wars. PC’s are just as much consoles as PS3s or 360s but unlike them with their one standard set of crappy components we have three constantly changing sub-standards(DirectX 9/10, and Mac) to confuse us while we shell out 2-6 times as much as the TV console players. Normally having to pay more would bug me but in this case what it means I’m getting more gaming bang for my buck. Also with all the TV consoles becoming more and more PC-like it’s my understanding that emulation is becoming easier/more efficient which brings us to now when we’re to the point where sometimes as soon as just a year after the console is out we can get better performance from our PC’s with emulators than from the actual game consoles. But anyways my point is with all consoles becoming more and more similar to each other and to the PC I’d imagine this would have to be the second to last generation if not the last generation of consoles where the hardware architecture actually is different enough to for people to actually agrue over which one is better.
    As to your second paragraph obviously the best current gen console would have to be the PS2. It’s the cheapest with the largest and funnest collection of games that look great on the average Joe’s normal def TV which he’ll be keeping annother year to year and a half. BTW I consider a console current if I can go into the main big box stores and they have wall full of systems and a whole sectiosn for their games.

  2. “B****, moan, whine, complain, repeat”… I wish I hadn’t clicked that link.

    I like the Wii.

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