6 thoughts on “Steampunk Laptop Mod”

  1. But the price! The price! :)
    Of course there has to be a hefty price tag on it, else everyone will run around with such contraptions …

  2. The price is mostly in the tools and time it takes to do it. He hand made his with his own tools so it probably only cost him between $50-$100 in materials if he already had his shop setup. Also, steampunk is apparently the “new” cyberpunk. Personally, I still like cyberpunk more, it was just done too gaudily back in the 80s and 90s. I have plans in the works for a cyberpunk game, we’ll see how it pans out.

    I do like steampunk though, and I’d rather live in a steampunk setting than cyberpunk.

  3. Very impressive and I want one! It’s fun and amazing to see people fulfilling their creative genius and dreams. If only I could stop playing games long enough to get off my butt. :-)

  4. That is really cool
    I wish I took more shop classes. I have to settle for being proud of changing my ceiling fan.

  5. That key seems to be a big design flaw. Someone’s gonna eventually shut the thing with the key in there and there ya go, busted screen!

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