Math on the Brain

We have a new (fairly dull) method of getting through CoX’s upper levels quickly. Since the experience varies by level, I naturally sampled the data points, set up a spreadsheet, checked some online tables, and made a table showing experience in absolute and percentage terms with expected time to level. It seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Talking with my wife last night, I realized that today is the 10 year, 10 month, 10 day anniversary of when we started dating. Exactly a week ago was the 6 year, 6 month, 6 day anniversary of our marriage. (That gives us four anniversaries to celebrate this month.)

I will move out of quantitative work at some point. It does not seem like a great path up. Until then, I get to wonder if these thoughts are a cause or effect of my work.

: Zubon

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