Happy 70th

70th cakeMy lovely wife did something that I have yet to do. Well, make that two things. She reached level 70 in World of Warcraft *and* she had a cake made to honor the achievement. Not bad for someone that isn’t your typical gamer. Me? I only finally reached level 40, bought my mount and then moved on to the Lord of the Rings Online. So send her some cheer, the cake was delicious (yes that is a picture of the actual cake). Congratulations!

Meanwhile in Lord of the Rings Online, I got a pony. Not so exciting after the cake and all that.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “Happy 70th”

  1. Now we need games that will send you cake for reaching the end. I hear bad things about computers tempting players with cake…

    Congratulations. My wife extends her love for ponies.

  2. Yay Cake!

    While it is somewhat annoying, the mount quest in LOTRO was really unique and different. I liked the last part of it. The running all over…not so much.

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